Plast Karto

This is the home for maps of Пластові Оселі in the US.

To download the latest maps, see your favorite оселя’s page in the sidebar.

How can I contribute?

Check out the issues page. If something is marked as “Help Wanted”, it means I could use your help!

Field Surveys

The biggest thing I need help with is collecting survey data. If you have a handheld GPS, notebook, and love exploring our amazing Пластові оселі, you can help!

Check out any issues marked as “Survey Needed” for details on what needs to be done.

Here are some tips on how to do an effective field survey.

Report inaccuracies

Is a map out of date because there is a new road or building? Is a trail overgrown and doesn’t really exist anymore? Let me know by creating an issue ticket (or just email me at amykyta3 at gmail).